Systemic Treatment of Burns

1. What is “Three Degree Six Division” in the division of the depth of the burns wound and what are their clinically defined boundaries?

2. How to judge the depth of the burn wound?

3. How to calculate burn area?

4. Why does BRT&MEBT/MEBO solve the four technical difficulties in treating burns?

5.  Is anti-shock therapy needed during MEBT/MEBO treatment and How to calculate the volume of fluid resuscitation?

6.  How to protect organ functions with BRT&MEBT/MEBO in extensive burns treatment?

7.  Why is there obvious fever in patients treated with MEBT/MEBO and Does it indicate the infection or sepsis?

8.  Is antibiotic needed for MEBT/MEBO treatment and How to use if necessary?

9. Can adrenocortical hormone (ACH) be applied on extensive burns patients?

10. How to prevent stress ulcers in extensive burns patient?

11. What are the characteristics of child burn and how to do first aid?

12. What are the key points and first-aid measures on the fire spot?

13. Can MEBT/MEBO be applied on patients with hypoproteinemia and hypemia?