The Formation of Burns Medical Therapy in the 21st Century

The history of burns therapy as a specialized field of research is less than a hundred years old. While humans have burned themselves since the dawn of time, no systemic intelligent protocols have been established to serve mankind in this regard.

Hippocrates did record burns treatment but his methods were not described with any scientific basis. 

Subsequently, no specialists in burns medicine were formed until after 1930. Research into burns pathogenesis had not produced any impressive methods or materials for treating burns wounds along physiologic lines.

Surgical methods saved lives but left patients disfigured and disabled. Surgery, while representing a big step forward, treats the patients while doing nothing to encourage regeneration of the skin.

Finally, at the end of the 20th century, Chinese doctors invented burns regenerative medicine and therapy, which offered an entirely new therapy operating in compliance with principles of human physiology. 

Now, as we enter a new century and while we pause on that threshold, we all share the opportunity to cooperate and combine the best of all approaches from the east and the west. 

As described above, the technology of the east, i.e. BRT with MEBT/ MEBO, should be applied for all burns including muscle burns; while for treating burns in the muscle layer, the technology of the west, i.e.surgical excision and skin grafting therapy, should be applied. 

As a whole, it can be called integrated east and west burns therapy. 

In the era of information, any new technology, thinking, method and material when produced, will immediately be known all over the world and the information be shared. 

New technology is no longer a legendary tree of a doctor that sheds coins when shaken, and the backward technique will no longer be applied to produce tragedy. 

We believe that in the 21st century, people will make greater progress in the field of burns medicine and the problems will be completely solved as people succeed in the cloning of organs.