Therapeutic Effects of Moist Exposed Burns Ointment

Under the direction of qualified BRT with MEBT/ MEBO therapists, MEBO has the following therapeutic effects:

1   Variation of pathogenic microorganism and reduction in bacterial toxicity.

2   Effectively killing pain by protecting nerve endings and relaxing pilorum arrectors.

3   Anti-inflammatory by the effects of ß-sitosterol and other ingredients.

4   Made of nutrient food, MEBO may protect cells by increasing the tension in the cell membrane and help dying cells convert into vigorous normal ones.

5   With the co-ordination of BRT with MEBT/MEBO, MEBO develops a physiologically moist environment, favorable to the regeneration and repair of tissue structures. 

Thus, it is effective for reducing scar formation, enhancing the power of self-repairing of wounds and promoting the regeneration and differentiation of stem cells from residual epithelial tissue, vascular plexus and fibrous tissue in the fat layer to regenerate skin.