treating oral cavity and esophagus chemical burn with MEBO

There are occasionally some cases of oral cavity and esophagus chemical burn or scald in daily
life, some of which are due to wrongly taking in hot soup or water or chemical caustic fluid by
children, while some others are caused by people committing suicide by orally taking strong acid,base or high-concentration strong oxidant.


Such cases have acute invasion combined with great sufferings and fast-changing pathogenic condition and may have severe consequence if not saved in time.


But there was no specific drug or method for treating such injury before. MEBT with MEBO as the major application drug has specific therapeutic effect for such injuries.

The method is introduced as follows:

For simple oral cavity burns or scald, gargle with cold boiled water for 5-10 minutes until oral acidity or alkalinity approximates to neutrality (pH 7) and 5 grams of MEBO (about 1 spoon) is used by buccal instantly after that. For orally-taken strong oxidant (eg. Potassium Permanganate particles) which can not be cleared easily, MEBO can be used by gargling and expectorated repeatedly to remove wound factors. Administrate MEBO for 5 grams 1 or 2 hourly. The ointment melts into fluid after taken into the oral cavity and is expectorated after gargle. The effect will not be influenced if small amount of ointment is swallowed.

For cases with chemical preparations swallowed down to esophagus and stomach, MEBO should
be used by tuccal till melting and then swallowed slowly 1 to 2 hourly after urgent gargle, leaving
the pharyngeal and esophagus mucosa protected continuously by MEBO drug membrane. Oral
cavity mucosa ablates usually after 2 to 3 days, and MEBO should be used continuously.

Cemitidine can be used (i.v., 0.8g) to protect gastric mucosa form mucosa ulcer and aided by
systemic use of antibiotics and other complex therapy.

Oral cavity burn can heal after 7-10 days’ treatment with MEBT, and symptom of esophagus burn
can be relieved obviously after 25-30 days’ treatment without esophagus stenosis and other resid.
Such cases are rare in daily life while urgent once occur and should be sent to special hospital for
treatment as soon as possible. The application of MEBO by tuccal has a reliable effect in the