Treatment For First Degree Burns of BRT with MEBT/MEBO

The clinical signs of first-degree burns include skin redness, slight swelling and pain. 

Treatment Procedure:

Immediate application of MEBO may relieve the pain. The erythema gradually diminishes as MEBO is wanned in situ and absorbed through the skin. At 12h postburn, the skin may return to normal. 

For burns with edema, the epidermis is partially destroyed, the pains may be relieved more slowly and the wounds would heal in 2~4 days when the superficial stratum comeum exfoliates.


1. I degree burn, skin redness, slight swelling and pain

mebt mebo first degree burn

2. Apply MEBO immediately postburn. With the absorption of MEBO, pain is relieved and edema fades away gradually. Continue applying MEBO.

mebt mebo first degree burn

3. Two to three days later, burned skin would heal.
Continue applying MEBO as a protective ointment for about one week so as to fully restore normal skin functions.
mebt mebo first degree burn