Treatment for Third-Degree Burns

Third-degree burns   are  also  an  indication for  BRT with  MEBT/MEBO.  As  the  epidermis and   dermis of third-degree burn  wound  are totally  destroyed, it is quite difficult to  cure  third-degree burns. The  conventional medical science  for burns  is convinced that  third-degree wounds cannot heal spontaneously, and the only solution is to use surgical  skin grafting  to close them. The clinical study and administration of BRT with MEBT/MEBO for curing  third-degree burns  wounds will  be  described in detail  thereinafter. The  following  is just  a brief  descrip- tion of the principle and method of this treatment.

Principle. Decompression of the deep tissues to relieve any  pressure   caused  by  the  necrotic layer  is  of  critical importance; protect the  necrotic full-thickness skin;  pro- mote stem cells containing the skin information in subcuta- neous tissue to regenerate and differentiate to form a skin island;  culture the  newly  regenerated skin  island  while liquefying  and  discharging the  necrotic dermis;  promote the skin island  to spread  and cover subcutaneous tissue to form  new skin; and  help third-degree burns  wounds  heal spontaneously.

For third-degree wounds  injured down  to the muscle layer, excise most of the necrotic tissue by surgical operation, liquefy and discharge the rest of the necrotic layer with  BRT with  MEBT/MEBO, upon  which  culture granulation tissue, then plant skin cells till the wound closes and heals. For wounds  with bone exposed,  clean away the exposed  outer  soft tissue,  drill  holes on the  bone  surface with a bone drill at intervals of 0.5–1 cm, deep into medul- lary cavity  of bone until  bleeding.  

Apply MEBO to cover the wounds, and culture and support the growth of granula tion  tissue  from  the  holes.  When  the  granulation tissue spreads to cover the bone surface, skin grafting can be per- formed to close the wound, or the wound  heals by migra- tion of epithelial cells from the wound  edges.

The  necrotic tissue  of  third-degree burns  should   be decompressed by cutting both  horizontally and vertically at  a  1  mm  tooth   distance and  depth with  a  specially designed method: ‘plough saw blade’. Then  apply MEBO for protection and  clean  away the exfoliated or liquefied tissue.