Ultrasound Ultrasonic Home Machine with MEBO SCAR ointment

Pls note: do not use the battery ultrasonic machine, the ultrasonic induction effect was not good as the above one.

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Voltage 110V(USA & Canada) / 220V(Europe)


1. Curative Effect of MEBO SCAReducer in Combination with Ultrasonic and Pressure Therapy on Treating Hyperplastic Scars

Method: MEBO SCAReducer was applied to 65 hyperplastic scars of 42 patients, with combination of the therapy of ultrasonic massage introduction. Then employing finger pulp or antithenar to oppress scars repeatedly. Craniofacial part and limbs were treated with the assistance of continuous pressure by elastic covering or pressure bandages as well. 

Results: The excellence rate of effect to treat 65 hyperplastic scars was 73.9%,effective rate 26.1%, inefficacy 0, total effective rate 100%. 

Conclusion: Curative effect on hyperplastic scars by combined therapy of MEBO SCAReducer, ultrasonic and pressure is satisfactory, convenient in application, safe and reliable. It is highly acceptable by patients and is valuable to popularized

2. MEBO SCAReducer Combined with Ultrasonic Therapy to Treat Hyperplastic Scars of Facial Trauma

Method: MEBO SCAReducer was applied evenly to scar sites, combined with treatment of sonostat.

After treatment of 1-3 months, the color of scars was reduced into more light from reddish violet , and scars’ hardness gradually became soft. 
After treatment of 3-6 months, scars became even, soft, and their color almost recovered to normal skin. 
In the results of treating 92 scars of 78 patients, 68 scars were treated well, 24 effective, and effective rate was 73.92%. Following up for half of a year, no scar relapse was observed in the treated scars effectively. 

Conclusion: MEBO SCARducer(MEBO Scar ointment) combined with ultrasonic is effective of treating hyperplastic scars of facial trauma.