Ward Management and Clinical Nursing

1. How to solve the problem of sheet contamination by MEBO?

2. Is there any special requirement for burns ward by MEBT/MEBO?

3. Can climactic conditions affect MEBO efficacy and what are the optimal temperature and humidity required by BRT&MEBT/MEBO?

4. How to perform the degermation and sequestration in the burns ward and is companion of the extensive burns patient by the family allowed?

5. Can the extensive burns patient have foodintake and what kind of food is favorable?

6. Is it allowed by MEBT/MEBO to let the extensive burns patient have some body turn-over and movements?

7. How to deal with the frequent fever in extensive burns patient when treated with MEBT/MEBO?

8. Is immersion bath or shower allowed for burns patient treated with MEBT/MEBO?