Which method to treat hyperplastic scab after healing of burn and other skin injuries?

There are degrees of scab even scar knot on the wound of deep burn or transplantation after
healing, which seriously affects patient’s quality of life after healing. There are also reports about
burn patients committing suicide after disfiguration. Scar on the extremities and functional parts of
the body will affect the recovery of joint functions, even make the patient lose physical working
capacity, bringing burden and suffering to family and society.

Scar formation is the manifestation of self repair and protection of the body function, excess of
which will lead to the opposite effect.

Therefore, the most effective method to prevent scar formation is to apply MEBT in the early stage and throughout the entire treatment after burn.

For scar caused by treating lapsus or severe deep burn healing, MEBO serial drug—MEBO SCAR Ointment can be applied for treatment as follows:

wound in a thin layer (slightly thicker than soothing oil).

Scar relieves notably 1-2 months after the application of the method, the appearance of dermal
ridge and lanugo being the best effect. Continue to adopt the method with the course of treatment
being about 3 months. For the case drug works on, 1-2 more courses of treatment can be added to.