Why does scar occur in some deep burns patients one month after wound healing in good appearance with MEBT/MEBO treatment, and how to treat it?

The healing of deep burns wound in early stage after MEBT/MEBO treatment is only one step in
the process of skin regeneration and reparation, and another 1-6 months are still needed for the
growth and structural adjustment of epithelium, fibroblasts, nerves, blood vessels and skin
appendages after that.

During this period, the same physiological environment and regenerative nutrient substances are still required for the induction and assistance of the complete regeneration and reparation. Or else, scar formation will occur inevitably.

Therefore, it is necessary for the deep burns wound to be continuously applied with MEBO as skincare product for 10 to 15 days after healing. Then MEBO SCAR Ointment is recommended for the direction and regulation of the regeneration and reparation of histiocytes in the deep layer of the wound.