Why does the local burn wound turn dark after healing with MEBT/MEBO, and how to treat?

Most of such cases occur after wound regeneration and reparation in superficial II-degree burns 

and deep II-degree burns superficial type.

The nigrescent color of the burns wound is one of theindicators of active regeneration of chromocytes as a manifestation during the course of skin regeneration and reparation post burns.

Treating method:

1) Standard treatment of burns wound is required while avoiding the direct irradiation by the sunlight and UV-lamp;

2) continual application of MEBO is needed on the wound for 2 weeks after wound healing to conduct cell

3) MEBO SCAR Ointment is then applied; reduce outdoor movement is recommended within 3 months post burns, and the skin should be protected from direct sun-light with the use of suntan oil when necessary. The pigmentation will gradually extinct after 2-3 months with the normal skin color restored.