Wound and Ulcer Healing with MEBO

Burns refers to the summation of all types of wounds and ulcers, each type of which corresponds with the pathogenic rule of burns and requires treatment of anti-inflammation and regenerative restoration. Therefore, MEBO has an ideal effect on body surface wounds and ulcers such as haemorrhoids, bedsores and wound infection.

The causal factors of body ulcers are complicated, including both exterior causes and intrinsic factors accelerating the generation of ulcers. Importance should be weighed during clinical judgment. 

The skin ulcer in body surface, which is not healed after 3 weeks, is called skin tissue ulcer wound

The basic fiber plate turns hard and contracted without elasticity, and the blood circulation and lymphatic return of surface layer granulation tissues are bad, leading to hyperplasia, aging, and edema of granulation tissues, and aggravation of ulcers. 

Routine surgical dressing change
is the main therapy for the local treatment of body surface ulcers. 

The main principle of treatment is anti-infection and repeating dressing change, resulting in long disease course, difficulties in curing the diseases, and great pains to the patients. 


MEBO is the culture medium of skin regeneration, which is an ointment with frame construction.

When treating burn wound, MEBO can liquidize and remove the necrotic tissues without damages through the four-biochemical reactions (that is, hydrolysis, enzymolysis, saponification and rancidity) under the actions of pharmacokinetics. 

MEBO contains abundant natural nutritional ingredients, which can infiltrate into wound tissues, supply essential materials to the growing cells, activate the stem cells in situ, and make the stem cells divide, differentiate, proliferate to complete the embryo combination of stem cells in the original position. 

At last, the physiological connection of the skin tissues and cells in the original position and the regeneration of skin can be realized.

The treatment modes of MEBO can be divided into two types: 
1. One type is using MEBO to treat refractory diseases;
2. the other type is using MEBO immediately after ulcers are found. 

MEBO therapy can produce two useful effects:
  • one is controlling local infection of ulcers as soon as possible after the application of ointment;
  • the other is continual use of MEBO leading to the complete healing of wound.
The treatment methods mainly include exposure therapy and occlusive dressing.

Obvious and permanent analgesia effects of MEBO in treating Wounds and Ulcers
It has been observed in clinical practice that MEBO had obvious and lasting analgesia effects on 98.65% of the patients. 

High capacity and effects in controlling wound infections of MEBO in treating wounds and ulcers
Isolate wound, and reduce contamination, Unobstructed draining, bacteria removal, Destroying the existing and reproduction environment of bacteria, So long as this existing condition is destroyed, the bacteria cannot live. 

Preventing and cure of the re-damage and progressive necrosis of MEBO in treating wounds and ulcers
It has been proved by clinical practice that MEBO can prevent the progressive necrosis and deepening of various wounds. For new wound, MEBO should be used as early as possible, in order to prevent the re-damage

No scars or fewer scars left in the surface of deep II burns, woundsand ulcers
At present, it has been proved in theory and practice by large numbers of cases with burns, wounds and ulcers that were treated with MEBO, that there were no scars or few scars left after the wound was healed. After using MEBO, the scars of third-degree burn wound are thin and soft, and have little influence on their functions.

Clinical Application for Wound Treatment with MEBO:


Clinical Application for Ulcer Treatment with MEBO:


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